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Machining Stainless steel

Vietnam is an excellent country to produce machined parts. CNC milling and CNC lathes are widely found and products can be produced on a very cost effective way, which makes it even more attractive than manufacturing these parts in China or other low cost countries. The supply chain for these products is stable and reliable for producing and sending products to the EU, USA, Canada and Australia.

We work together with reliable companies which have a local or good imported source for their raw materials. Including material or 3.1.b certificates. We offer to machine the following parts from aluminum:
-Stainless steel profile
-Casted stainless steel
-Stainless steel Round bar
-Stainless steel square and rectangular bar
-Stainless steel round tube
-Stainless steel square and rectangular tube

The products we produce with our certified manufacturers in Vietnam are used in many fields. Hereby a few examples of what industries we work for:
-Automotive Industry
-Medical Industry
-Machines & devices
-Renewable energy
-EV charging solutions
-Food & Dairy

After the die machining process the parts are deburred and if required laser marked on right location with the right fond or logo. We use YAG, CO2 and fiber marking lasers for this, depending of the material used.. If any further surface treatment is required then we also offer the following surface finishing:

Surface treatment processes can be:
-ED Coating
-Mechanical Polishing
-Chemical (electro) Polishing
-Nickel and chrome plating
-Sand blasting (glass beads, stainless steel beads or aluminum grit)
-Powder coating.